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Best Love Words 3


Inspirational Love Words ~
Love For The Indian Nation
by Sherri Havens

i hear my people\'s cries of anguish
for the wrongs done on our tribes,
the spirits of my elders past speak to me at night
.of long ago and many painful strife\'s..
and yet it is in these dreams
i hear these beautiful words
the Indian you shall never kill
for we will fight to survive.
you can take our lands ,
you can take our very lives ,
but never ever will you take away
our heritage and our pride.
we come from every corner of the earth,
we are in every breath our children breathe...
the pride of our nation
will continue across the lands for all the world to see ,
no you cannot kill the Indian
for we will forever live in history.
a proud and beautiful nation we truly are .....
we some live amongst in the stars .
we look down with a swell of pride
knowing our nation did survive.....
the fury and the pain.
look at the Indian now
it\'s our rightful place in history we have gained.
the stories will continued throughout the many years ,
of a proud and powerful nation ,
who survived the battles fought through our ancestors, blood, hardships
and tears.
no you cannot kill the Indian.

written by: sherri havens 7/01/07 (miami indian)
copyright ©2008 Sherri Havens

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