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Best Love Words 1


Beautiful Love Words ~
Love Reunion
by Frederickia Wallace

The years have passed swiftly, here again, the love of my youth
I have thought of you over the years sometime a smile other times a tear, the tear...
when things in my life were painfully wrong,
my heart was breaking and I felt I could no longer hold on
to my sanity, to my peace
I would think of you and wonder what if it had been you, though somethings I could not imagine my life without, like the children that have been my joy
but not for them I would have with certainty longed for a decoy
from the ruptured heart disrespected, abandoned and torn apart.
In my mind I know that God upheld me by his right hand
kept me strong in weakness, held me up when I could not stand
still I admit inside when I sat alone, deserted, abandoned
it is for you my heart wondered, would you have loved me long?
would you have loved me forever, loved me strong?
would you have treasured me as I longed to be?
I know that I could never give up some things to go back
to what it seems in love and in my heart I lack
still broken,shattered I did dream
for whatever that did at one time mean
would you have kept your word? would I have been your queen?
whether or not this is true
I will never know nor will you
where do we go from here?
To love and laughter
for the heart of a lost love is what I long after
I am content in the thought; though yesterday is impossible to retrieve
you and I are reunited and what matters most is what we now believe

written by: Frederickia Wallace
copyright ©2010 Frederickia Wallace

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